Staying Ahead of the Curve Requires the Best People, Practices and Tools

We are passionate and dedicated technologists
We provide solutions, consulting, outsourcing, training and staffing
for organizations that want to excel.

  • Outsourcing


    Staffing up a competent team to implement your start up or wrangle your legacy code is very hard. We provide complete teams to employ modern development practices to ensure a new project, product or service is delivered in the most responsible way. Our top goals are to have easily maintainable solutions that can also be easily extended and refactored. We automate specifications, design systems with both data structure and behaviour abstracted properly from the beginning and draw the architecture around the business problem at hand. It is with great discretion that specific technologies are applied to avoid vendor lock-in or a premature architectural pattern is adopted.

  • Consulting


    Growing organizations need to adopt best practices and doing that in house via lunch-and-learns can work but it’s hard to find in-house expertise in all the areas where the knowledge growth needs to happen. Adaptech can help with learning specific approaches on a workshop basis on anything from basics like Agile and Lean practices to distributed systems patterns to source control management patterns and practices. We can also work with any organization at higher levels to implement a road-map to create the type of architecture and IP ownership that makes sense and leverage responsible off-shoring and open source communities for a healthy engagement with the consumer public and the technical community of peers and even competitors.

  • Hiring


    Finding talent is not easy in today’s demanding and thriving software development market. At Adaptech, we are well connected in the local and global community by strong technical ties. This separates us from the rest of the recruiting community by having both a very deep understanding of our clients’ technical needs and the candidates’ skills. We aim to have a 100% hire rate by vetting our candidates and clients to these levels which ordinary recruiting firms simply don’t have the qualified staff to do.

  • Education


    We offer training on many of the subjects facing people new to software development. If someone has taken a boot camp course, a computer science degree or a diploma at a local college, we can provide training at the next level where we explore what organizations need to make their solutions be maintainable and scalable in the real world outside of academic exercises. Subjects such as Domain Driven Design, Command Query Responsibility Segregation, Behaviour Driven Design, responsible source code managament patterns and many others are offered.